Sustainable, efficient and bioclimatic architecture

Arquitectura sostenible, eficiente, y bioclimática

In Alesoto Arquitectos understand the importance of respecting the environment of the habitat where we make any building, taking care of every element of nature and taking advantage of the qualities that gives us use them for our purpose.
The idea of ​​reducing the environmental impact of our construction leads us to use eco-friendly, healthy, biocompatible and hygroscopic materials, which also achieved significant energy and cost savings for homeowners.
We implement systems and equipment for costs savings such as passive solar energy gain, galleries of controlled ventilation, ventilation sunt thermal, atomizers for water saving, low impact and ergonomic design equipment, energy-efficient appliances electromagnetic with ionic low emissivity, and zero emission of microwave and gamma waves, etc ....
We conducted a study of the natural resources of the area and needs to cover in order to determine the most appropriate systems for the energy we need, such as:
Solar-thermal flat panels with concentrators or vacuum tubes to meet the needs of domestic hot water and space heating. We can also produce cold with solar energy, geothermal, biomass or biogas using absorption machines. Through solar ovens and/or parabolic concentrators we can obtain the energy needed for cooking food in more than 75 % of days. We make planning systems which achieve savings too. To effectively incorporate the system, we say what the system needs to optimize the energy efficiently.
As for insulation, Alesoto Architects uses the latest and most innovative materials, such as Gaina, liquid ceramic insulation with essential features to be environmentally friendly, because it has no harmful organic substances in its composition, can save energy (heating and air conditioning), reduces CO2 emissions, lasting two or three times longer than conventional paint and clean the air filter, accelerates the production of negative ions and produces healthy and comfortable atmosphere.
In short, we are experts in efficient, sustainable and bioclimatic architecture, and if you want to know more about this issue, do not hesitate to ask for information. We'll show you how to improve your existing home or design your future home.