Integrated project management

We specialize in the construction of villas with contemporary design and development through integrated management. Comprehensive management includes the following steps: 

1. Previous consultation to supplier companies

2. Detailed study of the plot (wind, sunlight, temperature, etc.)

3. Elaboration of sketch

4. Development of the project according to sustainability criteria

5. Comprehensive management of the administration licenses and permissions

6. Comparative study of the construction companies

7. Management the documentation of finished work



1. Previous consultation to supplier companies.

After confirmation by the client, the first steps are intended to contact the various supplier companies (electricity, water, sewage, gas, telephone) that will serve to the future villa, so we can have the necessary parameters to make properly the project.

2. Detailed study of the plot.

We make a visit to the plot and analyze all aspects needed to be considered in the development of request. These aspects range from finding out where the prevailing winds come, so important to make a natural ventilation and orientation of windows, see orientation of the house, finding out the hours of sunlight and positioning it within the plot, topography, ...

3. Elaboration of sketch.

Following previous studies and consultations, we begin the work of lace and matching program requested according to all the above parameters and urban conditions. 
We make the general features of the property to develop with the client, providing the mapping necessary for an understanding of it and to adapt it exactly to the required needs.

4. Development of the project according to sustainability criteria.

Once agreed with the client, we passed to the sketch the architectural project in depth, consistent with the sustainability criteria as important today. It is essential that a building is economically viable at the time of their implementation but also sustainable in its maintenance and daily use. All managed within the architectural design process, achieving contemporary buildings in harmony with their environment and the people who will have to live in. 
We will study which energy consumption is the most appropriate and sustainable as possible, with water recycling criteria. Throughout this section, a proper design in terms of insulation, is a cornerstone as well as the most simple bioclimatic solutions (passive solar, solar orientation, window placement, sun protection, natural cooling, lighting, etc...).

5. Comprehensive management of the administration licenses and permissions.

Once completed the development phase of the architectural project, we begin to manage regarding the application for planning permission with local authority and any other public authority that affects or is linked to obtaining a building permit (EFSA, AAA, etc.). We provide of all administrative documentation and necessary and required by the different government agencies.

6. Comparative study of the construction companies.

Parallel to obtaining the license we will work managing budgets, with a comparison of the different companies that have offered to us to determine who offers the best value and based on objective criteria and performing productivity.

7. Management the documentation of finished work.

Once finished the works, with the corresponding tracking of project management, we get all documents relating to the obtain of first occupancy permit and if necessary for the use and good performance (opening, firefighters, etc.). So that this construction is considered delivered to your enjoyment. 
We make in coordination with the property all necessary doings to be registered in the Land Registry.